We challenge participants to create innovative applications using Blockchain, AI & IoT technologies to help solve the world's growing water challenges.

WRC = Wastewater Reuse Certificates



To crowdsource ideas to track wastewater reuse by several entities and incentives the entities that do so.

Problem Statement

Setup smart contracts on wastewater reuse targets between regulators and the focus entities. Capture data using IoT to track contract performance. Store data in a Blockchain to facilitate data transparency and verify compliance with set targets and contracts.

WRC’s is a concept that acts as a digital measure of the quantity of wastewater reused by each entity, subject to the water meeting minimum quality standards.

About the Organisers

This Hackathon is organised by the Maharashtra Water Multi-Stakeholder Platform, which is a public-private-civil society partnership launched through a Government of Maharashtra resolution in May 2017. As a part of this activity, 2030 Water Resources Group (hosted at The World Bank) and the Maharashtra Water Resources Regulatory Authority (MWRRA) are managing a workstream titled “Wastewater Reuse and Management”. 2030 WRG secretariat, along with MWRRA and a key private sector partner - the Bombay Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI) are managing this Hackathon.


Contribute your coding skills to help solve the world's water challenges. Your solution maybe chosen for real-life implementation in the state of Maharashtra and if successful maybe implemented globally in multiple countries. 




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Submit a presentation on how Blockchain along with other technologies such as IoT, AI & ML can be used to address the problem statement. Include effective ways for setting up Smart Contracts and innovation for automated tracking of performance against such contracts.

Create an open source implementation or prototype implementation of your proposed solution for purpose of demonstration. You may submit links to Github repositories for review.

Submit a video wherein you present your presentation and demo any software solution you have built.

How to enter

  1. Register for the challenge on Devpost
  2. Make sure you are eligble and agree to the Official Rules
  3. Check our intro webinars at https://wrc-hackathon.org/talks.html
  4. Check the resources page for additional information
  5. Download sample data provided and use in your work
  6. Fill the team building form if you are looking out for team members
  7. Download submission presentation template
  8. Replicate presentation template on Google Slides, edit your copy and share with hackathon@blobcity.com by 17 Feb 2019 for pre-submission feedback from mentors. You may submit a live copy over Google Sheets that you are still editing.
  9. Record your presentation and any funtional demo.
  10. Submit your work at wrc-hackathon.devpost.com before the deadline. Must include PPT/PDF presentation & video of upto 10 minutes. Optionally submit Github link to functional source code to qualify for 15% score alloted to having a functional prototype. Videos large than 10 minutes will be clipped to first 10 minutes.

All the best! Don't wait until last minute to submit!

Public voting opens after submission deadline. Promote your work. 5% score goes to public votes in the finals.

Post final submission on Devpost, 10 shortlisted finalists present to a jury panel over WebEx on 25 Feb 2019. 

Top 3 winning teams announced on 26 Feb 2019. Presentations of these winning teams will be showcased at a 2030WRG event happening on the same day in Mumbai, India.


Anirban Ghosh

Anirban Ghosh
Chief Sustainability Officer, Mahindra Group

Prabhakar Jayakumar

Prabhakar Jayakumar
Country Director, India, DigitalOcean

Prasanna Lohar

Prasanna Lohar
Head Innovation & Architecture, DCB Bank Ltd.

Suman Majumdar

Suman Majumdar
Chief Sustainability Officer, JSW

Prasad Modak

Prasad Modak
Executive President, EMC

Ajeya Motaganahalli

Ajeya Motaganahalli
Sr. Director – Strategy & Business Operations, Leader of NetApp Startup Accelerator

Mahesh Patankar

Mahesh Patankar
2030 WRG

Ajith Radhakrishnan

Ajith Radhakrishnan
Country Coordinator, India, 2030 WRG

Mohan Ram

Mohan Ram
Senior Partnerships Manager, DigitalOcean

Nita Sarang

Nita Sarang
Delivery Excellence, Tata Consultancy Services

Sanket Sarang

Sanket Sarang
CTO @ BlobCity

Anil Sinha

Anil Sinha
Global Impact Investor Network, 2030 WRG

Judging Criteria

  • Idea (15%)
    How innovative is your idea. We want to see something that is relevant and more innovative than other participating teams
  • Technical Solution (30%)
    Your technological solution and innovation in solving the problem of proper wastewater reuse tracking
  • Relevance To Problem Statement (20%)
    How relevant is your solution to some of the real-world challenges. Also indicates if the solution is practical to implement and whether it address all the problems or presents additional challenges.
  • Commercial Viability (15%)
    Is your solution commercially viable. The proposed solution cannot cost more than the advantages it offers.
  • Working Prototype (15%)
    Do you have a working prototype you can demonstrate. IoT, AI & ML, Analytics, Blockchain implementation etc. A functional Blockchain carries most weightage.
  • Public Voting (5%)
    Go out and get votes from public. Let the world show their support for your innovation. Getting more support counts!