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about 4 years ago

Resources & Submission Guidelines


Here are some useful resources you can use in your work along with guidelines for the final submissions. Start prepping up your submissions and don't wait till the last minute to submit. Sometimes internet can fail you :)


Watch the Webinar Recordings 

Technical Resources

Download Sample Data

Submission Guidelines

  1. Download Submission Presentation Template
  2. Present your own presentation and record it as a screen recording with audio. Also record any demo you have of the software you built, AI & ML programs, Blockchain setup etc. 
  3. Submit your Presentation (in PPT & PDF format acceptable) and the recorded video at minimum before submission deadline on 
  4. Optionally submit a Github link to working software you built to qualify for 15% score counted towards a "Working Prototype". The link maybe included in a presentation slide.
  5. Public voting opens when submissions close. Promote your submission and get as many people to vote for you as possible. In the finals, 5% score is provided to the public votes your submission receives. It might help you win a tie-breaker. 

Presentations by 10 shortlisted finalists

On 25 Feb 2019 from 4:00 pm to 8:00 pm IST, 10 shortlisted finalists will present to the panel of Jury members along with answering any questions the Jury has. Presentations will happen live over WebEx. 

Award Ceremony

Top 3 winning teams will be announced on 26 Feb 2019. Their presentations will be showcased at an international forum gathering organised by 2030WRG in Mumbai. Depending on the event schedule, we may offer you a chance to present your solutions live to the audiance over WebEx. 


If you have any questions please post on the discussion forum.