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about 5 years ago

Submit now for last minute feedback

Want any last minute feedback on your presentations? Submit your presentation recording on Devpost by 2:00 pm IST and the mentors will do their best to give you immediate feedback by 3:00 pm IST for any last minute edits & improvements.

Final submissions close at 4:00 pm IST 24 Feb 2019. Make sure you don't miss the deadline. The submission portal automatically closes at exactly the specified time. 

For final submission, screen record your presentation and any software demo you have in the same video. Make sure your video has audio. Upload the link of your recording to Youtube (as a public but unlisted video) and submit along with other submission information asked by Devpost. 

If you are analysing meter fraud, mention the meter ID's of the meters that you have identified as fraud. The jury has a known list of meters that have tampered data. If your list matches the list that the jury has, you get brownie points.

Wish you all the best! For those of you who have submitted and not yet received feedback, the mentors are still working on it.